Trewinia, a prominent job fairs near me technology and innovation company, is involved in providing data and analytics services to businesses with precision and diligence. We understand that how crucial it is for you to attain, preserve, and make some sense out of the data. With our carefully engineered big data services we enable you to trace out a well-thought-out big data program across multiple domains. http://xjobs.org/ We help you identify your weaknesses and unleash the actionable and game changing customer insights leading to newer revenue sources and increased profitability.


Trewinia empowers businesses by scrutinizing data, developing valuable insights and helps them to take informed data-driven decisions. We offer analytics services on a standalone basis as well as, an integrated part of our wider service offerings. Our services captivate different business functions of our vast client-base such as marketing, supply chain, sales, information science, research, and risk.

Business Analytics

Data in the digital environment is either structured, unstructured or semi-structured and is supposed to carry vital information about customers, market, and competitors.

The infusion of so much information creates the dilemma in the mind of business owners during the extraction of useful data. Our experts with the latest tools set up the KPIs that are checked on regular basis. This analysis is then provided to the clients in form of reports who then take their business decisions accordingly.

Three major steps of business analytics services offered by Trewinia are:

  • Assessment of client’s internal business practice by collecting relatable data.
  • Analyzing the data to identify the strengths and weakness of the client’s business.
  • Providing an estimated model depicting the future events utilizing the data constructed models and business predictions.

Big data and advanced data analytics

The outburst of enormous data on the web is due to the emergence of high-end technologies such as IoT, mobile applications, social media, and smart homes. Big Data is known to unfold the potential of the businesses and decipher remarkable values that were hidden to these companies for so long. Our advanced data analytics service is apt to handle massive data emanating from a number of sources and delivers valuable insights to help you realize and accelerate your Data ROI.

Cyfuture offers the big data analysis to the businesses to help them in answering the following questions:

  • How to organize the company?
  • What technologies should be installed?
  • What is the ongoing trend and what opportunities to seek to bolster growth?
  • How should I be targeting my marketing campaigns ?
  • How to build an ecosystem of partners and vendors?

Hadoop as complete data warehouse solution

We integrate and store internal and external data and enable easy access of the data by leveraging Hadoop and open sources, for Hadoop possesses the tool sets needed to build and run complete Data Warehouse.

Business Benefits of Big Data Analytics

Informed business decisions

Competitive advantage in the industry

Enhanced operational efficiency

Improved customer engagement

Monetization of new services

Better identification of risks and mitigation