Cloud Advisory/ Cloud Strategy Consulting.

Before you make the most out of the cloud services, important decisions such as designing the infrastructure for your business tasks to brainstorming the ways to implement and handle your services need to be taken care of. Trewinia’s Cloud Strategy and Consulting Services help your business pace up its path to a transformed, affordable, reliable and secure IT structure.

Cloud Operation Services

Trewinia holds a staff of proficient consultants and experts that make sure that your business’s mundane cloud operations remain free from all sorts of challenges and adversities. With our highly agile cloud services we enable continuous optimization of your cloud ecosystem and optimize the cloud operations efficiently to enable secure systems access and manage backup and disaster recovery. We also perform continuous deployment, change management, security, governance and performance optimization on an ongoing basis.


Cloud Managed Services at Trewinia entail deployment of skilled resources that augment in-house functionalities and IT infrastructure and ensure effective management of the same in collaboration with a third-party managed service provider (MSP) via cloud platforms.An amalgamation of managed infrastructure, enterprise hardware, and security service weeds out the efforts to create and monitor custom or dedicated cloud services. Businesses of all sectors are empowered as they accomplish superior productivity owing to a shared cloud architecture.

HYBRID IT - for a WOW customer experience

Trewinia, a prominent name in Hybrid IT environments, ensures to identify the most suitable technology building elements in adherence to your business workloads, end-user expectations, and requirements. Along with this, Trewinia’s Hybrid IT Service weeds out the requirement for manual interference provides superior performance via digital transformations and supports suitable usage of resources for better productivity.


Trewinia hosts the infrastructure components such as servers, networking hardware, and storage along with the virtualization layer. With our deep domain expertise and vast experience we decide on the right infrastructure strategy, best suitable reference architecture and the technologies (whether Cloud OS, automation, orchestration, etc.) that are the best suited to meet your requirements. We provide in-depth billing, assessment, load balancing, clustering, back-up, replication, log access, and recovery.

Trewinia Edge

Proficient in deploying cutting-edge cloud platform solutions to enable digital transformation and evolution

Strong Domain Expertise

We connect with your long-term vision as your trusted companions and get you to the most suitable strategy for cloud transition

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