Riding the crest of the silicon revolution, Internet-of-Things has arrived with a sweeping flourish. With dynamic connections, IoT is not only accelerating the process of digital transformation but also making the world intelligent and smarter than ever before. In order to accelerate this transformation process it becomes all the more important for businesses to understand the underlying opportunities and parallely address the challenges that the process entails.

Trewinia can leverage the underlying technologies & principles that drive IoT, resulting in increased process efficiencies and delivering better customer experiences. We help businesses to optimally use the power of IoT and achieve delightful customer experiences.

IoT: Infinite Possibilities

Imagine a vast gamut of things that can connect and communicate through a technologically advanced interface and enable you to control your world with a click !

Enhanced Customer Experiences

From improving quality of life to providing insights to improve service delivery, IoT offers many ways to achieve delightful customer experiences.

IoT at Work


Changing the way knowledge is disseminated and increasing the coverage of educational programs

Urban Services

Making metropolises better to live in, reducing carbon footprints and tracking infrastructure projects


Improving sensors & specialized equipment with IoT helps monitor, diagnose & treat patients better


IoT helps to reduce costs, increase productivity, and ensure compliance in manufacturing


IoT helps in better connectivity, improves safety and increases operational efficiency